The Diamond Agency has the right talent for your next hosted event.  We have a variety of hosting talent that are attractive, enthusiastic, articulate, appealing and proficient in both teleprompter and ear prompter technology.

Representing the top faces in the Florida realm of host/infomercial. Seasoned talent welcome audiences to client products, corporate websites and to television programming. Diamond has been noted by clients nationwide to have an award winning selection of host talent ranging in age, ethnicity, and character. Diamond hosts are strong in providing comfort feelings, detailed product information, and are superior in personally connecting with viewers resulting in repeat customer return and loyalty.

Clients Include: Evok, Home Shopping Network, Beauty Spaces (WE/TLC), Oreck, Cannon, In Charge Debt Solutions, Audio Visual Innovations, Raytheon Aircraft

Clients Out of State: Note that we represent many talent through-out the United States. We are able to book any look our clients require regardless of shoot location.