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Article Posted on our Talent, Mack

Congratulations, Mack!

Dream Gig?
Posted: September 15, 2010

Matt Kuchar and Will MacKenzie have tried to convince Mack Dalton to switch golf balls. Dustin Johnson and Rory Sabbatini have personally handed Dalton new clubs to try. Many of the recreational players who make tee times each week at have done so at Dalton’s suggestion, and there’s no question that some of those players have purchased new equipment based on Dalton’s feedback.

You may not recognize the name, but if you watch a lot of golf on television, you probably know the face.

Mack Dalton is a 25-year-old actor who has found consistent work in advertisements for major golf manufacturers and retailers. He’s the kid you see in the Dick’s Sporting Goods ad, warping from the golf department into the parking lot (with Johnson) and then onto a freeway billboard (with Sabbatini). He appeared alongside Kuchar and MacKenzie in those Bridgestone Challenge commercials, admitting that he gained yardage over his previous golf ball. Dalton was also the ‘hack\’ who couldn\’t get out of the bunker in a ad, and was once tapped as a tester for the Golf Digest Hot List. READ MORE….


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When On a Casting Call…..

We recently discovered this great article written by Khara Hanlon about the 10 Things Casting Directors Want You to Know. We thought that our  talent as well as prospective  talent would find this information very useful so we figured we would share.

  1. Don\’t worry about the words. The script is not the most important part of a role. It’s the personality of the character and if you can nail that, then you will be one step closer the role.
  2. Ask questions – but only if you really need to. Before your reading begins, most casting directors ask if you have any questions. Unless you are very lost on a certain aspect of the character, it is best you say `no\’ and jump right in – wowing them with your audition. It is your responsibility to be as prepared as possible for your audition.
  3. Listen and react. When in an audition, don\’t make it about you, make it about the other person you are interacting with. This way you will best ‘listen` and ‘react` properly.
  4. Get it right the first time. Blow them away in the very first audition. If you are great on take one, then the casting director will have no reason to question whether or not to hire you.
  5. Be flexible. If the casting director wants you to try again with some direction from them, be sure to take what they say and run with it. Being about to take direction well is a very important attribute for an actor.
  6. Know what you look like on the monitor. A lot of the time, your normal movements are magnified by the camera. Borrow a camcorder from someone and video tape yourself doing a monolog. This way you will be able to pick out the nuances everyone else sees and can fix them.
  7. Know where to look. When finding what to act towards, do not look into the camera or the reader. The best thing to do is to let your eyes wander slightly, but find a focal point to always come back to. Think of it like a conversation. When you are talking to someone, you are not making complete eye contact the entire time. You retreat, and then come back.
  8. They ARE paying attention to you. Generally, the person who makes the final decision on casting is not the person who is in the actual audition with you. There is usually someone who watches the video at their best convenience, which means even if you think you are out of the game, there is great possibility that your chance is not over yet. The final say could be by someone who is not even present.
  9. Keep the moment going. Be sure to not stop the action before it is done. After the last line, keep the emotion going all the way through until the casting director says cut. A lot of times, they like to make you wait to see how you are when you aren\’t talking and just reacting.
  10. You\’re a person first, an actor second. We really think this point by Khara is very important. A lot of times, it is a close call of who to hire between two actors. Who wins? The one with the better personality. People want to work with people who are easy to get along with, you want to be that person.

These ten ideas from Khara Hanlon are very useful and should be taken into account with every audition. Hanlon also mentioned Tiny Tidbits of Truth from the Pros in her article. We will be tweeting those periodically on our Twitter account here over the next week. Feel free to take a look!

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Actor’s Guide to: SELF TAPING (…the right way)

In the entertainment industry of TODAY, its become quickly obvious that actors are no longer just going to the ever so typical “in-person casting session”. Especially, when it comes to film and television projects. Casting directors are expanding their reach to find just the perfect talents for each individual project by allowing for video taped submissions per. role, or what we call “actor’s on-tapes”.

The downside for actors in regard to this change is that the pot has become even more full. A co-star role for “Bob Smith” on an episode of “XYZ” series sitcom casting in Atlanta, Georgia may, in the past, have only seen 35 seasoned actors who would have auditioned in-person. Today, thanks to on-tapes, the role will see those same 35 at the director’s  initial  casting session, plus upwards of 100 who may electronically submit.

With so many submissions to view, the casting directors have no time to waste, and MUST find a way to  funnel  through and get only the best for top consideration by studio executives. This makes it essential,  absolutely  TOP PRIORITY that the actor make his/her taping  extremely  quality. Agents on the  receiving  line of the tapings will not send through poor quality product to the casting directors. If less than perfect does happens to slip through, be assured that there the taping will find its death bed. Actors can be certain that the casting department will, like a strainer, let drip through any tapings that would not represent well.

If you are a serious film actor and you really want your tapings to be recognized, you need to get serious about your set-up. Just like your headshots/comps cards/ portfolio/ acting training, this is going to be an investment. However, it is not something that needs to be a major expense.  Take a look at some of the suggestions below:

Video Camera

Any trusty, small in size camera should work well for what we are trying to do. Some think that they need to run out and drop $500 – $1000 on an HD device. Instead, think about something like the Flip Ultra HD Camcorder. You can find these gems for as low as $150.

The FLIP is a fantastic tool which not only takes very quality HD video, but is packed with a powerful microphone providing sound quality that is on spot for audition taping requirements. The device also allows for instant playback so you can review your audition seconds after you finish the take. Uploading, as well, could not have been made more simple. The actor simply clicks a button and out comes a USB connector to plug-in to your computer.


It is crucial that your video is not shaky. Never have the camera held by hand, as that is an instant stamp of “AMATEUR”. Pick up an inexpensive tripod for around $20-$30.

Blue or Green Sheet or Paint

Professional castings for film/TV or commercial are typically done on a blue or green background. You can create this same great backdrop at your home or in your office in the blink of an eye. The best way to do so is to either run out to a discount store such as ROSS, or Home Goods, and pick up a single flat bed sheet (size depends on how big your wall is, but remember it doesn’t need to cover a huge space since your taping frame won’t be too expansive), or run to somewhere like Home Depot and pick up a can of  blue or bright green paint (enough to cover a single wall — you’ll probably need a double coat). Either way, this should cost more than $20.

AVS Video Converter

AVS Video Converter is an  exceptional  program for every film actor to have on their computer. With a couple clicks you can edit color, cut and slice your video, run mutliple videos together, and also convert one file type to another.

When taping a  sizable  role, you are going to probably have to accomplish something like: the slate, scene one, scene two, scene, three, and then a full body scan. To make this look most professional, you will want to stop the camera in between each portion. AVS will allow you to load in all of those pieces and thread them together to make one seamless video.

AVS is also excellent when file sizes are too big. Often agents/casting directors can only accept videos that are 10mb and under and either in .mov or .wmv formats. Say for example your camera spits out a video that is 16mb and in .avi format. Easy to fix!  Go to AVS, load in your .avi video, make sure “to WMV” is selected at the top, and make a customized profile (this must be done so that the program knows to condense the video size).
The profile settings known to work the best in this case are as follows:

Frame Size: 352X28
Frame Rate: 25fps
Audio Codec: WMA
Channel: Stereo
Sample Size: 16bit
Sample Size: 44100 HZ
Bitrate: 96kbps


Obviously, the actor cannot be ON CAMERA and taping BEHIND THE CAMERA at the same time. Very important is to find a person, preferably another actor, that will agree to run the camera for your taping. The reason another actor is  preferred  is because they will be able to convey emotion/feeling when feeding you the other characters lines and giving cues. Just like a shaky camera or an  inappropriate  backdrop, the reader can kill your tape. The actor needs someone to play off on the other end. Casting needs to hear that organic connection.

Taping Instructions

Now that you have everything you need for your taping space, it’s time to try it all out. You want to make positive that you are creating your tape just the way the casting director would like to see it. If not already provided, ask your agent to send you a list of specific taping instructions specific to that individual casting director. Make sure to note these wants in a booklet and keep them for the next project that comes around.
If you are totally in the dark and needing to get your taping done ASAP, the following is a good, safe idea of what is usually needed:

*** Frame should be top of head to right below shoulders ***

1.) Slate (name, agency, role)

2.)  Act role. Do not look into the camera. You will want to direct your focus off to the side, either looking at the reader or directing your eyes in other places, naturally, as the character would do.

*** When you are finished with the role DO NOT look back into the camera. HOLD your place and wait for the camera to be stopped ***

3.) Full length body pan up and down. Back the camera tripod up, start a new take, and give your name and height. The person running the camera should then run a scan of your, unless the camera is far back enough where it is captured in one shot.

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How do we learn to do the words?

An excerpt from soon to be released book by Michael Ray Davis

How do we learn to do the words?

For film you\’ll have several days if not weeks to learn words.
For TV you\’ll have a couple weeks, usually.
For commercial you\’ll have 48 hours max, frequently less.
How do we learn the words?

First thing is attitude.

Don\’t concentrate initially on the words and don\’t think about memorization. Find out who you\’re thinking you\’ll be when you get in front of the camera, either for audition or for shooting. Try to channel the character when you’re in the shower, brushing your teeth, or when you’re eating your hamburger.

Sample file from client:
Vernon/Sherry breakdown:

All genders/ ethnicities accepted. Vernon/Sherry is a disappointed 40 year old who has not accomplished anything in his/her life. Been fired at least 10 times in life. The big job interview is coming up for the job of a lifetime. 20 grand a year to be assistant manager at the franchise shoe store.

Store Owner
I see you\’ve had quite a few jobs over the years.

Yes, but I haven\’t really been given a fair shake at any of

Store Owner:
How do you describe a fair shake?

I just never got treated fair!

Store Owner:
That’s fairly. Your education listings look like you haven\’t really tried to learn new skills over the years.

I didn\’t have any time to pursue more education with the kids to raise and keeping the bills paid.

Store Owner:
You haven\’t been able to keep a lot of jobs. Were these your decisions or were you separated with cause?

Well, I can see you\’re just like every other uppity boss I apply to. I\’m just trying to earn an honest living, doing anything I can to support my family. You guys are all alike, you don\’t want to give anybody a break! I knew coming in that this was a mistake. You missed a good chance, mister!

Vernon/Sherry storms out the door, the store owner shakes his head and shrugs.

So, here’s what you do, as the   character, Vernon/Sherry.

You look at these words, you realize this is a loser, angry because he/she thinks the world owes he/she a living. Read the words, make yourself a loser, find a character in your background that reflects this losing attitude if you can and channel that character.

Then start living with the script. Carry it around with you, sleep with it, have it by the plate when you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Read it, read it, read it!!

And most importantly, folks, SAY THE WORDS OUT LOUD!!!

Just saying them to yourself does not guarantee they will come out right when you open your mouth and speak! Promise!

And remember, in this example, you\’re angry. You can\’t be wondering what are your words when you deliver that last dialogue!

That takes 15 seconds or less. You need to be spitting them out, no hesitation, no limitations.

Say these words everywhere you go!!!

And above everything else, you are Vernon/ Sherry the biggest loser of all time. Everybody hates you and it’s not your fault!!!

Nothing else can exist for the time you are saying these words. If the water for your pasta is boiling over, say the words like Vernon/Sherry. If the baby is crying, say the words while you’re changing the diaper!

If you are able to do this, at home, naked on the toilet, in a normal environment, you will be able to do it in front of camera!

You have to believe that nothing else is happening in the world when you are doing this dialogue.

Find a friend to read with you for timing, preferably a semi trained actor so you get the timing down.

Or learn the other actor’s words and talk to yourself.

Will Smith stayed in trouble all the time on that dumb butt show that made him famous, Fresh Prince of Belaire. He knew not only HIS words but the other actor’s words and continually would lip them while his opposite would talk. They have a lot of two shots (that’s when the camera is looking at you and the other actor) that show him mouthing the other actors lines. You don\’t want to do that, but it’s great to be that prepared.

Video yourself if you can. You can put a lot of pressure on yourself just doing this. Get your wife/husband/kids/brother/girl friend/boyfriend to watch it. Just knowing that they will be watching will you put in the same frame of mind you will need for the set. (There’s no peer pressure worse than hearing from your wife or best friend that your performance sucks!)

Now remember this!!!!

When you are on the set or audition saying a half page of dialogue and you blow a line, Keep going! Plow through it! Don\’t ever stop until the end of your words unless you hear “cut”. If you stumble on a word, wait two beats and go back to the start of the sentence. The director will tell you when to stop!

So, in summary, find the character, assume his/her attitude and practice, practice, practice. (Oh, if you are supposed to have a prop carry something around while practicing, props can distract if you\’re not familiar with them. If your prop is a gun, don\’t practice too much in a convenience store or bank.)

Aside from that, remember that you will not be first or last to cause the producer to have another take, but if you are prepared, know your character and can get through it, you will be a highly respected and valued talent. Directors and Producers love and cherish professional, prepared talent and they will use you again and again.


The Diamond Agency maintains a sterling reputation for upholding the largest roster of talent, understanding the needs of our clients, delivering excellent service, and competitively pricing each project. With over 2,000 talent from all ethnicity’s and genders the Diamond Agency is your One-stop talent resource.   We specialize in models for print, catalogs, promo models, and runway.   Actors, spokes models, as well as hosts for trade shows and conventions. Select from a wide variety of Voice -over talent for any size project.   We recognize the value of our client’s time and budgets, and facilitate your needs as well as exceeding your expectations. The Diamond Agency is your full-service talent agency. We look forward to an opportunity to earn your business!