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Actors and Voice over talent. . . a way to increased booking opportunities!

Ginny Kopf is renown throughout the Southeast as one of the best voice, speech, and dialect specialists.   With 2 Masters Degrees in Voice and Speech coupled with 20+ years experience, Ginny’s improved the speech, voice, and accents for thousands of individual talent as well as talent and executives within the following:   Walt Disney, Universal Studios, TV channels 6, 9, 35 and 13 (anchors and hosts), and United Telephone, where she trained 700 operators, and that’s just the short list.

Many  Actors and voice over talent  lose out on auditions because they are limited to one accent. Further, they don\’t know where to go to get training or help!   Ginny’s put together a short video demonstrating some tips on a variety of accents.     Check out her website, for additional information and help.