How to become a Model

Are you dreaming of Heidi Klum?, or Gisele Bundchen, or better still Adriana Lima? Well, if you are aiming to be like them or even the male super models, it is a tough road ahead for you dudes. But where there is a will, there is a way! If you have it, flaunt it, polish it and rule the world! Becoming a model might appear to be very glamorous, but a lot of sweat and blood of individuals goes behind it. If you also have something like that in your mind, perhaps you would want to know how to become a model, right?

Becoming A Model – Modus Operandi

I Think Therefore I Am
Do you think, no, are you sure that you have it in you to be a model? Are you 36-24-36, to be very very cliched? (guys, please find out what are the vital stats for you!). Do you like to travel and be in shape? Then you are, for sure, cut out for this. Analyze if you have something which others might not have – great hair, eyes, jaw line, high cheek bones or anything unique, which can be your unique selling proposition. If all these answers are affirmative, go ahead.

What is My Type?
Decide what kind of a model do you want to be. Is it fashion, commercial, showroom or any other. After you have decided that, zero in on a look, but you should be able to pull off all kinds of looks. There are many options you can choose from as per your interest and where you you think you fit the bill the best. You need to be clear about this factor which is fundamental in cases where you want to know how to become a child model or even how to become a model at 13.

Bold and Beautiful
Well, you are gorgeous, amazingly pretty, but honey, there could be someone one prettier out there. So build up on your looks. Work on your looks even more than before. Remember you have Claudia Schiffer or Adriana Lima as your ideals? Thus, you have to be absolutely stunning. Indulge in regular workouts and in general, have a healthy lifestyle and be well groomed. Diet is another extremely important thing along with workouts. Skin, hair, teeth and so on needs to be well kept and drink a lot of water, with sufficient rest. This factor is very crucial be it how to become a fitness model or how to become a fashion model.

Moving On
If you have decided to be a fashion model, you would need to practice your moves. Perhaps you should join an acting, dancing and diction class to get the total effect and finesse in your personality. Fashion training is also what you may have to go for when you want to know how to become a model or even how to become a male model for that matter. Being comfortable in front of camera and communicating proper body language are skills which have to be acquired.

Gateway to the World of Fashionistas
Now is the time for getting your portfolio done and get a composite card. A trained and professional fashion photographer is what you are looking for at this point. Use the best photographs in your portfolio and it is advisable not to get your entire portfolio done by a single photographer. Updating your pictures and having lots of variety in them is further helpful. Portfolio is your detailed profile, mean while you should also have a composite cards which will be a quick reference to your vital stats – from age to weight to skin color to height accompanied by four shots of you with your name and contact information.

Men in Black
Finally get yourself an agent. That agent will get you work, after negotiations and talks with the concerned people. If you want to be noticed by a fashion modeling agency, you can either mail them your comp card, walk in after making an appointment with the agency or go in when there are interviews. Do a check on the agency before signing any contract or giving a commitment.

Ultimately, there is nothing such as how to become a model for free, unless you do not have to take any training or grooming lessons. And one of the most important tips on how to become a model is to get in touch and speak to the people who are actually there, those who are reputed and credible.

That’s it! You are all ready to set the ramp on fire! Go for it!

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