How to Find a Talent Agent

By NewOrleansGirl, eHow Member

An excerpt from an article on eHow.

Finding a talent agent can an exhausting task for the industry new comer. There are many scams and fly-by-night “agents” out there; one may wonder how to tell the real from the scam artists.

Remember, just as they will interview YOU, you have the right to interview THEM. Check out different agencies and get a feel for the industry.

Before you start, remember:

Fees: A Legit agency will NEVER charge fees for a consultation or to register. The agent will make a commission (10-20%) by booking you (getting you jobs).

Classes: Agencies may offer classes, but legit agencies will never REQUIRE classes. Again, you should never have to pay ANY fees (this includes class fees) to join an agency and get bookings.

Headshots: All adults need a current headshot (Sorry, the one you took in high school, 22 years ago, doesn’t count). Your headshot should not be “glam,” it should be a natural photo of the real you. Agencies have different requirements, some require black and white, others want colored photos, some have no preference. An agency may ENDORSE a photographer (many agents work with a photographer so much, that their talent benefit with discounts), but legit agencies do not REQUIRE the use of a specific photographer. You do not need a comp card (also known as a ZED card) unless you are pursuing modeling.

Children do NOT need headshots, especially when they first start out. They change so quickly, agents usually request you update photos every three to six months (until they’re in their mid-to-late teens). Shoot a roll or two of your child- show her playing in the backyard, or on the porch: shoot close ups, full lengths, smiling, serious, dressy, casual, etc.

To find local agencies, look online and in the phone book. Most agencies will NOT accept walk ins (even if it’s just to drop off a headshot).


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